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    The future directions of cosmetic packaging design
    DATE:2017-9-1   VISITORS:856

    Cosmetics packaging to include appearance, product protection, product introduction, etc., in order to develop further.

    1, cosmetics fresh-keeping packaging
    In order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers generally have no preservatives are produced in the container, so that consumers can be disposable, such as cosmetics cosmetics essence, this price is higher, so is to the high-end luxury market supply, cosmetics will not become mainstream, but will also have a stable consumer group.

    2, green material packaging design
    Now the cosmetics packaging should pay attention to environmental protection packaging design. In the choice of what materials to use when packing is also to be considered, this material will be what kind of impact on the environment, the use of this material can be recycled, will be more and more consumers and manufacturers attention.

    3, composite new technology
    This technique allows different materials to be assembled and packaged. And you can choose the color, design, and shape you want. With this technique, packaging can keep off light, maintain vacuum, and prevent oxidation. Moreover, the printing and packaging of products with different materials have unique effects in tactile and visual perception.

    4, the rise of vacuum packaging technology
    With strong protection, high recovery, oxidation resistance and so on. Can protect certain oils, fats, vitamins, cosmetics. And vacuum packaging technology highlights the functionality of packaging, which is very important for some packaging.