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    Changes in raw materials for cosmetic packaging
    DATE:2017-9-1   VISITORS:594

    In cosmetics, people are most concerned about the quality of cosmetics, so most of the competition is focused on the quality of competition. However, due to the development of cosmetics packaging technology and the improvement of consumption level, the importance of cosmetics packaging products is more prominent. At the same price of cosmetics packaging, consumers pay more attention to the appearance and design of packaging, the more beautiful packaging, consumers prefer. Therefore, the cosmetics enterprises in the design of the program, we should fully understand the current market trends and hobbies, designed to consumers like products, while ensuring product quality. In the choice of materials and processes should also be carefully considered, to protect products, enhance value-added products, improve product attractiveness function.

    Packaging market new materials
    New packaging materials not only improve the packaging effect of cosmetics, grades, but also better protect products. Is the effect of some cosmetics packaging using laser vacuum aluminum plated paper, this paper compared with the traditional printing paper more dazzling, more to attract the attention of consumers.

    In addition, the cosmetics manufacturers abroad have the design color because they want the product packaging effect to be unified. This packaging product, if the printing process, not only need to print both sides, but also more difficult, higher cost. In this case, you can consider the use of the same color of special paper, so you only need to print the side, the effect is the same.

    New printing process to improve visual effects of products
    The paper packaging of cosmetics are currently used in offset printing. Is the ideal way, the reproduction of the image is relatively clear, distinct levels. However, offset printing can not be achieved if the thickness is increased or the pattern is shown to be three-dimensional. To achieve a variety of printing effect can be used but the combination printing way, to show the light or local effects can be used to flexo printing, digital printing can produce customized products packaging, intaglio printing spot color, large area. To combine the various printing methods to print the best cosmetics packaging design. But in the printing process will need to pay attention to each process, must understand the various characteristics of the materials, using the most appropriate printing way, to avoid because of the different printing methods the cosmetics packaging damage.